Januari 2022,

First of all, we’ve had a room renovation a while back, so over time expect new pictures on the main page to reflect that upgrade. As that’s what we feel it is anyway, an upgrade. Further plans include the move to another driver for the array. After having bought the TC9/FD18-08 back in 2011, I have no regrets as it has done a more than excellent job. However, due to moist or old age, I suffered from some broken down drivers. Upon further examination it turns out these drivers were showing an open circuit right where the voice coil is attached to the lead wires. Repair isn’t easy, as it’s all hidden beneath the dust-cap. Anyway, I contacted Tymphany, I got no response. I figured I’d ask Scan Speak, as they were once the company that designed this driver. They were able to confirm they have had problems with the glue used to secure that specific connection. They have changed the glue on their complete driver line. That fact made me consider swapping to a different driver. I’ve always lusted after an array of the Scan Speak 10F drivers. 

The 10F/8414G00 seems the most suitable replacement. Almost a direct drop-in. It only needs some shaving of the basket to fit…