Building the arrays

An introduction to line arrays for home

In this build log I’ll try and take you on a tour of how I created what I call the Lucid Dreams speakers. Line arrays for home, designed from what started as an idea to finally becoming reality. From the early design phase till the actual build of the speakers. This page is the introduction for that journey.

It all started somewhere late 2010, when I was looking for new loudspeakers for my home. I have been running big semi-PA speakers for a long time and have been pleased by them. They do a lot of things right and have a warm pleasing sound. But they used so much more floor space than a line array which is why their placement always was sub-optimal.

Car Audio

It was after I got seriously into Car Audio that I discovered there was a lot more to be had. A car is one of the most difficult places to get good stereo, due to a lot of early reflections. I got great results after taking care of things like time-alignment between the separate components and some well placed EQ. Quite some time was spend optimizing sound in my car. In the end, I had to come to the conclusion that it was actually more pleasing than the sound system in my home.


So the search for new speakers began. The main reason for less than ideal sound in my home had always been the placement of those PA beasts. I’m not alone in the house and due to that not entirely in control where I can place my setup. That let to a less than desirable placement due to the sheer size of the cabinets. The speakers consist of a set of large 3 way speakers with 15″ woofers, a 5″ mid and horn tweeters. That asymmetric placement never really sounded as well as I remembered them from my previous living room where they were placed more traditionally.

Commercial speakers

After listening to some commercial offerings it became clear that replacement speakers would still be too large to be placed optimal in our living room. Growing accustomed to large speaker and their specific sound, no satellite + sub could ever satisfy me. The goal was to improve upon the current setup and not to settle for something less.


After a long and hard search on several different speakers and designs I stumbled over a couple of line arrays for home use. That design seemed to be able to resolve the space issue I was having and still offer unprecedented sound quality. To convince my girlfriend I mentioned the speakers would fit in a small corner. Permission granted, me still trying hard to conceal their size! I did put my arm in the air and said: they’ll be about this high! That’s where this story begins!

an introduction to my line arrays for home use

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