Building the arrays

Gluing the stack

After the preparation, including adding things like fillets on all parts that need it we go on to gluing the stack making room for wiring but also for the connecting tabs of the speaker drivers. To glue the stack I first take two routed pieces and join those together. These images will highlight that process.

Preparation for gluing the stack

Glue is spread over the surface of one side. The routed shape is the same, but by alternating it’s direction I can create the weave pattern on the inside of the enclosure. The glue used is an industrial type wood glue, water proof and a step up from the commercial glues in regular stores.

Applying the glue

Following the instructions, the glue needs to set a while and after that, be clamped together for best adhesion. I used my routing templates to bolt them together so I could apply the needed force without damaging my profiles.

Preparing two parts