Building the Subwoofers

Preliminary result

The graph above is the result taken at the listening spot after a measurement session aligning the subwoofers with the line arrays. It shows the distortion of both channels, playing both the arrays plus subwoofers. In time I will revisit the subwoofer DSP, but for now this first integration is working real well. The plan is to revisit this transition later on. I still need to make a proper template for Subwoofers to be able to use DRC-FIR.

See the timing graph that belongs to the above plot:

preliminary result

Not bad at all for an afternoon’s work I’d say. I’ll try and clean up the 55-200 Hz area in my next attempt. Not that it’s bad right now, I’m just curious enough to see what can be improved.

One target for this sub-woofer experiment was to clean up the frequency/time per channel, the Stereo separation between left and right channels has been improved quite a bit. My own set of DSP tools was used to get these results at the listening spot. Don’t expect this kind of behavior right out of the box. EQ + phase manipulation as well as time alignment was used. Read a bit more about it here.

These first results were done in one afternoon. I really should take more time to do it even better (edit: done!). However the sound is great, these settings were copied over to my Home Theater section and thoroughly tested with many movies ever since.