Building the Subwoofers

Top and Bottom panels

Starting with the top panel, made of 19mm baltic birch. The bottom panel is exactly alike, except for the few extra holes to mount the feet. First a drawing of the general measurements of both panels:

To cut that 5 x 5mm groove along the sides I make use of a (DIY-made) router table and a simple guide made of waste material. Cutting the groove is as simple as following the guide. Just be sure to move your object against the router’s rotation.

Using that same trick also makes it easy to cut the groove for the center brace to fit in. A guide to follow with your object at hand is easily made as are the beginning and end stops to avoid cutting too far… It’s tricks like these that make it a relative simple job.

Bottom Panel

For the bottom panel, use the above measurements and add these holes to create the bottom end panel:

Note the offset of one side of these holes. The one with the 55mm measurements is where the front baffle will go (because it is taking up more space). The depth of the 30mm hole I cut was the thickness of the T-nut. Just to hide it from view.

I’ve mounted the feet much like the trick I used for the threaded rods on the front baffle. In the pot hole, mount 4x an M10 T-nut.

Next we’re going to fix it in place with 2 large size M10 rings and a couple of M4 bolts + nuts:

Just bolt the feet in place and… done!

The feet have the following designation ID: LF-AF-D60-M10-L50-SVZ, an extra M10 nut to lock it, a T-Nut M10, the little bolts are DIN EN ISO 10642 M4 x 35, nuts are M4 Lock-nuts and the big rings are ISO 7093 M10.

Both panels

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